Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

~ ~ ~ 
Traveling far she sat to rest her feet.
Nothing like this had happened to her before.
She was a mess.
Clothes were torn just a bit.
Her soul was wounded to yesterday and twenty years forward.
She'd just walked.
Ran for a bit but realized she didn't know where she was going.
Her mind just thought to go.
Don't turn back.
That part of her life was now over.
Only what could she do ?
Where could she live ?
She thought of the woods.
Maybe she could build herself a place.
Only she had nothing.
She'd left without a coat
let alone anything else.
No money.
Why had this happened to her ?
What had she done so wrong ?
Her mind was lost.
Frozen in nothingville.
Just walk.
So, she got up and did just that.
The sun would set soon.
She needed to find a place to rest.
Maybe over there.
~ JC ~

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