Thursday, April 24, 2014


~ ~ ~
I am the thoughts in my head.
Healing the wounds of life.
Never being more than the less.
Always climbing to the sight.
I will not be the willow tree.
I will be me.
The narrowness of my window
leaves me with a view.
I can see just a bit of what 
the day has brought.
Knowing all too well
the moments that will follow.
No one know me like me.
I laugh at those who think they do.
I will fight to be 
for as long as I see the light.

~ JC ~

Thoughts on a rainy afternoon.
I woke up from my coma
almost eight years ago.
I look fine.
I am.
The windows of my mind,
not so much.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


~ ~ ~
I've been thinking a lot.
About everything.
People and how they act.
Why they do what they do.
I am a watcher.
A listener.
A figure it out kind of gal.
I see both sides and in between.
I just want to talk to people.
Ask them to think.
Some are just out there.
Lost in their land of what the heck.
Me, I try to do the best option.
I try to be nice and considerate.
I often say that I am not judgmental.
Maybe I am though.
After watching people.
Listening to them.
I do judge them on the way they act
and on what they say.
Always thinking
over here in my woods.

~ JC ~

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wise Soul

~ ~ ~ 
When you are fighting for each day,
you get in a survival mode.
To be told that you made it.
The long fight is over.
It's an odd feeling.
The fear of what if it starts again.
I've been fighting for so long.

The days have been enjoyed.
Always looking over my shoulder though.
To see who's walking just behind.
Did they catch up ?
Who are they ?
Friend or foe ?

So, with that happening
I have not been writing lately.
Just trying to figure out
what I want to do
without all of this 
nasty stuff 
forcing into my life.

Not that it's all gone
but for now the 
'you must do this now'
part is done.

I survived.
Done that several times now.
Only the scars that are left behind
are seriously life changing.
(mental and physical)

It takes a toll on a soul.
I ought to know.

To look at me,
I don't really show it.
Maybe in the wrinkles
and the eyes.

I am an old wise lady.
The stories I could tell.

~ JC ~