Friday, April 26, 2013

Sitting In The Sun

~ ~ ~
It's been so nice, weather wise, in my woods.
Actually sat out back without a sweater.
That's a first for this year.
Means that Spring is finally here.
Of course it has to be in the sun
cause those clouds remind
of the colder days
that are just beyond the woods.
Remembering, the chill.
Add in a bit of wind
and the sweater is always
close by.
This week was relaxing.
Sitting in the sun.
Watching the girls,
Maddy Jean and Jodie Belle,
playing in their woods.
It's a big yard with their toys
and woods surrounding the fence
with a few trees down the hill.
Lots of fun for two girls.
Me, I sit on the deck.
Usually, with Meredith Ann.
If it's the right temp out.
She doesn't like it wet or too hot.
No, she's not spoiled. lol
Just when things were looking and feeling great,
I woke to a terrible sharp pain in my back.
Have it again today.
In the back of my mind,
I am thinking that it is kidney related.
On the left side, just too weird, really.
So, there you go.
I just can't seem to hide from this.
If it keeps up, I'll go see someone.
I'm thinking that if it's a stone,
maybe it will pass.
Wouldn't that be nice.
So, this not being able to run and hide stuff,
I got a bit crabby this morning
when I stubbed my toe
cause the dogs were in my way.
I yelled at them to get out of my way.
I started to cry.
Haven't done that the whole time.
Didn't let this kidney failure thing get to me.
Only it did .. today.
Cause all of this may not have worked.
Which means .. another surgery.
Take it out or put in another stent.
Like I said, I cried.
So, there you go.
Nice and not so nice.
I'll take the nice.
Enjoy your day.
I plan on it.
I'll let you know what happens.
Don't I always.
~ JC ~

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Can I Say

~ ~ ~
I don't know about this blogging thing.
Been doing it for a few years now.
Started cause an old friend of mine enjoyed it.
With time, I've written a few things
and discussed my life.
In the beginning, I had several followers.
Now, I have a few comments
but basically, no one reads either of my blogs.
How do some people make a living off of this ?
Not that I wanted to but how do they get so many
to read them on a daily basis and leave so many comments ?
I do not get it really.
So, this blogging thing is like a diary to me.
Write about what you want or thought for the day.
On my other blog, I do a Monday special.
This last one, I thought was great.
Good photos.
I get three or four
who comment regularly
but that's it.
Not that I'm complaining,
*I know it may sound like I am*
but why doesn't anyone
like my Monday special
*Meredith Ann*
as much as I do?
So, I will now change it up a bit.
It will totally be for me.
If anyone comments, so be it.
My stupid thoughts of being a fab writer,
who gets discovered and makes a living.
*yes, for one moment .. too much wine probably ..
I thought that I could do as others have done ..
and make a bit of cash o la by writing ..
I don't think that anymore, obviously *
So, this will be practice.
The words that end up here
will be from my soul.
Some will be fiction.
Who can tell ?
And, some will be real.
Again, who can tell ?
Fun times, for sure.
I like Spring.
It brings out the new in me.
~ JC ~

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This Time Of Year

This time of year can just get to you.
A bit of sunshine thrills the air.
Everything seems new.
You breath it in and it smells good.
Sit in it and it warms your soul.
A cloud stops by and you look mean at it.
It just took your best new friend, warmth.
I smiled today.
I sat in the sun.
I sat for a while in the clouds.
In I went.
Now, the dullness of what was light
is just plain mean and terrible.
I want that sunshine and bright smell back.
Enough of this cold stuff.
No more ice shows.
I like waking to the birds telling their stories.
I don't mind a drip drop on the window
but enough is enough of it.
I want Spring to actually be here.
Just the right temperature.
Not too cold .. tired of that.
Not too hot .. don't want to get the fans out of the attic.
I want that purrfect day.
And, I mean iced tea with no sweater
and flip flops.
Yes, I want to wear them.
They are on the shelf .. waiting for me to call their names.
That's what I want.
I get this instead.
Even the dogs are sad.
Seriously, sad dogs over here.
Do I really have to make some hot tea ?

~ JC ~

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wish I Knew

~ ~ ~
What to do now.
That is the question.
Sit and ponder this thing called life.
It's had so many twists and turns.
Did I have a direction ?
Did I get lost along the corridors ?
I like walking by myself.
Taking in the sights.
Learning from my directional turns.
I'm always redoing in my mind.
Quiet. I am.
There was a time when I knew.
I had a plan.
Only it didn't work.
I got lost.
Growing up will do that.
Things did not go my way.
I adjusted to the facts.
I rethought my life.
It would be fine.
It passes.
I look in the mirror.
Who is that ?
Just an older.
A wiser.
Ask any question and she will know.
Only she doesn't.
So, I ask.
Knowing she doesn't know.
She'll tell me to figure it out.
What do I want ?
What do I need ?
I wish I knew.
~ JC ~

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

~ ~ ~ 
Traveling far she sat to rest her feet.
Nothing like this had happened to her before.
She was a mess.
Clothes were torn just a bit.
Her soul was wounded to yesterday and twenty years forward.
She'd just walked.
Ran for a bit but realized she didn't know where she was going.
Her mind just thought to go.
Don't turn back.
That part of her life was now over.
Only what could she do ?
Where could she live ?
She thought of the woods.
Maybe she could build herself a place.
Only she had nothing.
She'd left without a coat
let alone anything else.
No money.
Why had this happened to her ?
What had she done so wrong ?
Her mind was lost.
Frozen in nothingville.
Just walk.
So, she got up and did just that.
The sun would set soon.
She needed to find a place to rest.
Maybe over there.
~ JC ~