Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This Time Of Year

This time of year can just get to you.
A bit of sunshine thrills the air.
Everything seems new.
You breath it in and it smells good.
Sit in it and it warms your soul.
A cloud stops by and you look mean at it.
It just took your best new friend, warmth.
I smiled today.
I sat in the sun.
I sat for a while in the clouds.
In I went.
Now, the dullness of what was light
is just plain mean and terrible.
I want that sunshine and bright smell back.
Enough of this cold stuff.
No more ice shows.
I like waking to the birds telling their stories.
I don't mind a drip drop on the window
but enough is enough of it.
I want Spring to actually be here.
Just the right temperature.
Not too cold .. tired of that.
Not too hot .. don't want to get the fans out of the attic.
I want that purrfect day.
And, I mean iced tea with no sweater
and flip flops.
Yes, I want to wear them.
They are on the shelf .. waiting for me to call their names.
That's what I want.
I get this instead.
Even the dogs are sad.
Seriously, sad dogs over here.
Do I really have to make some hot tea ?

~ JC ~

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