Thursday, April 2, 2015

Twice As Much

~ ~ ~ 
Lots of things going on in my life.
Odd to be going back in time.
Some things I remember and some I don't.
People I haven't talked to in thirty years.
That's a long time.
Some are very friendly
and some aren't.
Change is good.
Some don't and some do.
Might see a few of them.
Might not.
Haven't decided yet.
Me, I've changed so much.
I'm bolder.
Scratch that .. I was wise and calm.
I was a watcher.
The silliness that was.
Now, I live a richer life.
Not needing any of the oddness that goes on.
I am a loner and a watcher.
I prefer to just be.

On the old body going crazy department.
I have three things going on.
Not one but three.
As if I didn't have anything to do
with my old life.
It seems that I will always
be fighting to survive.
It does get tiring and emotionally challenging.
I will try to not be that lady.
The one who goes outside
and yells at the world.
I've done that before.
Many times in fact.
So, if you see someone doing that
just know that it might be me.
Just saying ...

~ JC ~