Tuesday, August 27, 2013


~ ~ ~
When thinking has turned into done.
Gone through all the turns.
Made a wise decision.
Been there and gone back.
At peace with the final words.
Resting now.
Quiet of the morning birds.
I am at peace.
~ JC ~

Monday, August 26, 2013


~ ~~ 
The uproar of the moment 
that took so long.
Always in the back of your mind.
Who's thoughts are you thinking.
It doesn't seem to be real.
I want yesterday back.
Or was it so long ago
that I can't recall
when it was fine
to be me.
I want those back.
The days of when I laughed.
I don't do that much.
I want what I dreamed of,
The realness of being me.

JC ~

Saturday, August 24, 2013


~ ~ ~
The lie I live
Not to be told
Wasting away
Turning in the night
Frustration over who
Make it this way
It was me
~ JC~

Friday, August 23, 2013

I Will

~ ~ ~
Touched by the silence that is my life.
I am aware of what I do not have.
I hear the voice speak to me.
It was not near.
It felt my soul.
It is nothing but me.
I know the healing must start.
I am wounded and hurting.
I walk although I am no more.
Brave I am.
Stupid is more like it.
I let my guard down
and now I am in pain.
The scars will heal.
I will be fine.
I always am.
I always will be.
It just hurts a lot this time.
Oh well, thus is my life.
Quiet, someone might hear.
Oh who am I kidding.
~ JC ~

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If I Were

~ ~ ~ 
If I were younger,
I'd walk away
Looking towards the sky
Thinking of what was next
Hoping for something
anything to make it better
If I were wiser,
I'd know to keep on going.
Don't get fooled by what is.
Know that nothing
would be better than this.
If I could,
I'd make a new life
Just for me and my gang
I'd never look back
I'd forget
And, before long
I'd be young again.
Even if in my memories
of those dreams
I had
and those that
I thought I wanted
If I were what I thought I was
~ JC ~

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hiding In The Heat

~ ~ ~ 
I took him to the edge.
He looked and walked off.
It's a different world.
Too hot for me.
He's used to it.
Knows where to go.
Manages his way.
No burns so far.
Among the numbers,
he is hidden within sight.
No one knows him.
He's right there.
Hiding in the heat.
~ JC ~

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


~ ~ ~
Fine lines running through my life.
Time to erase  them.
This way and back.
No end to the angles.
See them sideways.
Watch it get stuck,
Never going forward.
Lines are mean.
I try to cross.
Don't do that.
Looking at them.
Just sit.
Don't even bother.

~ JC ~