Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Do Remember That Day

~ ~ ~
I remember sitting there.
I had almost forgotten to do it.
Time was getting away from us.
I woke her from a nap.
She was in her favorite spot.
I was ready.
I held her for that moment.
She wasn't happy.
I'm not sure she even knew or remembered.
And, time it went along.
She went back to sleep.
I finished cleaning up.
Years later when I see it,
I remember that day.
I remember her.
It's been long enough that I have forgotten.
I don't think about her like I used to.
Isn't that a shame.
She was the love of my life.
And, I forget about her.
Only when I look I see two old ladies.
I do remember that day.

~ JC ~

Written about a photo of my cat,
Cashmere & I posing in front 
of the Holiday tree almost a long
long time ago.

Monday, November 21, 2011

She Continues To Write Even On Mondays

~ ~ ~
She thinks back to those moments that gave her hints.
The times she thought what the hell was that.
Through the years they arrived.
She would get mad.
He would explain.
She would forgive.
And, time would go by.
As the years went on,
 those times would come more often than in the beginning.
She thought back to those earlier times.
How could she have not noticed.
How could she have thought
they were just a one time thing.
Innocence and just plain couldn't believe it.
The fact that she didn't know him at all.
The fact that her heart was so broken
 that it had mended itself
with a fading scar.
Only now that scar had ripped.
 And her soul was leaking.
And, this time she can't make excuses.
She's out of them.
And, now she sits wondering
Where will she go
What will she do
Oh what the hell
What the hell

~ JC ~

I'm picking topics and writing about them.
This one was about a relationship
and seeing where the trouble
first showed up.
I bet you can't wait to see
what I'll write about next.
All ten of you or is there really three.

Friday, November 18, 2011

On Friday She Writes

There is always that scene where she is looking out the window.
Barely awake, eyes half open.
She sees something out of the corners of her sleep.
Has to wipe the moistness off the windows with her hand.
Cold as can be.
And, there, waiting for her, he sits on the metal bench.
No flowers in his hand.
Nothing for her.
She notices that he is texting on his phone.
Nothing has changed.
Nothing ever will she thinks.
So, as the bus comes to a stop.
She gets her things collected.
Waits her turn to get out of her seat.
Steps slowly off the bus steps.
And, while he is busy texting again,
she fades into the group
and walks away,
leaving him there.
A grin starts to come
she can't help herself.
How long will it take him
to notice that she's gone.
She really doesn't care.
At the street curb
she waits in line for a taxi,
Looking back to see,
if he has noticed,
and of course he has not.
Where to Mame,
the taxi drivers asks her.
Home, she says and gives
him her address.
And, when she gets there
she is all alone.
And, when he calls later,
she does not answer.
A clean break is what she
needs, and a fresh start
to a new Season.

~ JC ~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

~ ~ ~
And with the rhythm
There was a serge
It was my heart
Beating like it was on it's last
Where do we go
I have no idea
I'm lost in the world I've created
Always pretending
Waiting to see if this one
Was real and with time
It was for a moment
I kept knowing in the back
Of my mind
 That this was not
It was broken
I was broken
I always would be
I always have been

~ JC ~

Monday, November 14, 2011

One Of Those Days

~ ~ ~
Days go by like they are supposed to do.
Only some are the kind that are remarkable.
Where you figure things out.
Today was one of those.
Not that I've been in a cloud.
Just things added up.
Two plus two finally equaled forty three.

~ JC ~

Friday, November 11, 2011

She Writes On Fridays

                       ~  ~  ~                     
If I walked slow enough,
I'd miss the bus.
That would give me enough time
to go into the library and find my corner.
The one on the top floor,
 where I sat and read my books.
I wasn't in a hurry anyway.
I've always liked to just stroll.
Walk slowly while watching the world.
I always have.
I take in most everything that some don't notice.
The leaves on the ground.
The wind blowing.
While I was inside reading about grand adventures,
others stood waiting by the trees.
I would eventually go out there.
I always had my other eye on the clock.
No need to be early for standing in that line.
Adventures to read about.
Later while I road on the bus,
 I'd be thinking about what I had read.
Only this time it was me
traveling in time and dealing
and homework machines.

~ JC ~

Friday, November 4, 2011

Everyone Does

~ ~ ~
Sitting inside the old room, she looked around.
Everyone was the same except for their shoes.
Most had brown with white.
Some ventured and wore plain brown.
One girl in the second row, wore red.
Made the powers that were mad.
A call home and still the next day,
she wore them.
The calling card of what would be.
Even at this age,
she fought to be.
If you look hard enough,
everyone does.

~ JC ~

I'm going to try
with try underlined
to write on Fridays.