Monday, November 21, 2011

She Continues To Write Even On Mondays

~ ~ ~
She thinks back to those moments that gave her hints.
The times she thought what the hell was that.
Through the years they arrived.
She would get mad.
He would explain.
She would forgive.
And, time would go by.
As the years went on,
 those times would come more often than in the beginning.
She thought back to those earlier times.
How could she have not noticed.
How could she have thought
they were just a one time thing.
Innocence and just plain couldn't believe it.
The fact that she didn't know him at all.
The fact that her heart was so broken
 that it had mended itself
with a fading scar.
Only now that scar had ripped.
 And her soul was leaking.
And, this time she can't make excuses.
She's out of them.
And, now she sits wondering
Where will she go
What will she do
Oh what the hell
What the hell

~ JC ~

I'm picking topics and writing about them.
This one was about a relationship
and seeing where the trouble
first showed up.
I bet you can't wait to see
what I'll write about next.
All ten of you or is there really three.


critterlover said...

Keep writing luv. It's cathartic at the very least.

Becky's Barnyard said...

You are doing a really good job. And yes I do wonder.