Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just Life

~ ~ ~

Been a while since I've been here.
Lots went on.

Spring and Summer.
My dog was worn out.
She died.
Very very sad times.
Most of that time was spent
helping her in the last days.

Next we recovered.
It took a mental toll
on everyone.
Not the cats but the humans
and my other dog.

We did decide to adopt.
A new puppy has 
kept me hopping.
I'm almost sleeping
through the nights.
We're at that stage
of the new fur ball
in the house.

The normal that will be
is almost here.
The cats don't really care.
Not after that first week
where they were
what did Mom do 
this time.

Now, it's just oh
it's the short dog.

The Winter blahs
have arrived.
Rain, cold, snow, ice
and wind.
I do so enjoy the
warmer months.
I always have.
I always will.

That's the latest.
No big deals .. really.
Just life.
As it goes
over here.

~ JC ~

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


~ ~ ~
The past came to call.
Memories long past.
Some good.
Some not so much.
I had a decision to make.
Go or stay.
I went.
Very sad.
Hard to see.
I would never have wished this for them.
Too much hurt along the way.
On their side.
Me, I just put up with it.
Until, I did not.
Been years.
Haven't seen or talked to them.
Very odd.
Didn't know if I wanted to go.
Didn't think I'd ever see them again.
Seems that I won't talk to them again.
Thought a lot.
Very odd.
What a shame that their life
ended up this way.
Could have been so different.
Didn't need to be this way.
Very sad.
I did cry when I saw them.
Now, I am just sad for them.
What a waste.
What could have been.

~ JC ~

( my older sister tried to commit suicide.
She is now in a coma.
I haven't talked to her in four years.
I haven't seen her in seven.
We were never friends.
She was just my older sister.
Not friendly.
There are moments though.
Few but there.
What a shame that she ended up this way.
She didn't call me.
She didn't think of me.
That's just like her.
That's all I feel.
So sad that she ended up this way.)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Nice May Day

~ ~ ~
Yesterday, was a nice day.
Warm and not too windy.
Just right actually.
Later in the afternoon, it got a bit hot.
Off to the shade, I would go.
Did a bit of work in the yard.
Those weeds are terrible.
Everywhere they are.
I think it's the wind blowing them in
from someone else's yard.
Oh well, at least there is a nice view.
Was thinking that May was a good month.
Very relaxing, which I need.
I like pretending.
I like it very much.

~ JC ~

(I know it's June now but what a nice month May was)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


~ ~ ~ 
I have been thinking.
In the Spring, I'm able to be outside more.
The colors of nature have arrived.
I like this time of year.

Even in the confusion of my life,
if I can figure things out,
I have a joy to each day.

One part of my time
is very happy.
Can't complain about any of it.
The other part, is terrible.
I don't like to dwell
on that too much.
Only when it reminds me.

Each day I make a list.
What am I going to try to do.
I make the best of what happens.
Don't we all ?

I've had a lot happen.
Mentally it does get to me.
I'm not close to perfect.
Not at all.

Only I do win the prize,
if there is one, for trying.
I keep on going no matter what.

That's got to count for something.

Just saying ~

~ JC ~

Monday, May 5, 2014

Don't Get It

~ ~ ~
Some things in life I just don't like.
Mean people.
Things they say.
If they thought later,
why wouldn't they run back
to tell that person 
they had done wrong
that they had made a mistake.

Like they should have been
taught as a child.
Or, was I the only one
taught to be kind.
To think and rethink
about your life.

I still to this day
and I'm old as can be
do not understand why
this happens.

Eveyone makes mistakes.
Has a lousy moment or life.
To not get it though.
To not realize that you should
always want to do better.
To be kind and polite.

I want to sit them down.
To talk to them.
To make them get it.

Only I don't get to.
So, I will always be bothered
by people and what they do and say.

Maybe that's why I don't do much
with them. 


Only so much harsh words are 
aloud in my life.
I've had my quota.
No more.

~ JC ~

Thursday, April 24, 2014


~ ~ ~
I am the thoughts in my head.
Healing the wounds of life.
Never being more than the less.
Always climbing to the sight.
I will not be the willow tree.
I will be me.
The narrowness of my window
leaves me with a view.
I can see just a bit of what 
the day has brought.
Knowing all too well
the moments that will follow.
No one know me like me.
I laugh at those who think they do.
I will fight to be 
for as long as I see the light.

~ JC ~

Thoughts on a rainy afternoon.
I woke up from my coma
almost eight years ago.
I look fine.
I am.
The windows of my mind,
not so much.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


~ ~ ~
I've been thinking a lot.
About everything.
People and how they act.
Why they do what they do.
I am a watcher.
A listener.
A figure it out kind of gal.
I see both sides and in between.
I just want to talk to people.
Ask them to think.
Some are just out there.
Lost in their land of what the heck.
Me, I try to do the best option.
I try to be nice and considerate.
I often say that I am not judgmental.
Maybe I am though.
After watching people.
Listening to them.
I do judge them on the way they act
and on what they say.
Always thinking
over here in my woods.

~ JC ~

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wise Soul

~ ~ ~ 
When you are fighting for each day,
you get in a survival mode.
To be told that you made it.
The long fight is over.
It's an odd feeling.
The fear of what if it starts again.
I've been fighting for so long.

The days have been enjoyed.
Always looking over my shoulder though.
To see who's walking just behind.
Did they catch up ?
Who are they ?
Friend or foe ?

So, with that happening
I have not been writing lately.
Just trying to figure out
what I want to do
without all of this 
nasty stuff 
forcing into my life.

Not that it's all gone
but for now the 
'you must do this now'
part is done.

I survived.
Done that several times now.
Only the scars that are left behind
are seriously life changing.
(mental and physical)

It takes a toll on a soul.
I ought to know.

To look at me,
I don't really show it.
Maybe in the wrinkles
and the eyes.

I am an old wise lady.
The stories I could tell.

~ JC ~

Sunday, March 23, 2014


~ ~ ~
I haven't written in a while.
Been busy with life and things that happen.
I am at peace.
At least for now.
The major storms of my life are over.
I think.
Now, to venture into the unknown.
The what to do now stuff.
Until I know for sure,
I will just enjoy each day.

~ JC ~

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Odd Time Of year

~ ~ ~
It's an odd time of year.
Wet and cold.
Looking forward to warmer days.
Hoping that the blooms
of last year
arrived again this Spring.
I am cold to the bone.
Need to warm this soul a bit.
Just saying ...
~ JC ~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today I Think Of Him

~ ~ ~
When I think of him,
I remember the smile.
Always a calmness to him.
Never did he yell.
I think he liked life too much.
I didn't know him well.
My memories have faded.
I think of a few and smile.
He made me do that.
I miss him sometimes.
Only in life we go
along the way
doing what needs to be done.
He did the same.
What needed to be.
I haven't thought of him
in a long time.
It's been that long
since he went away.
I used to talk to him
almost every day.
Just for a moment.
One day he was gone.
I liked him a lot.
He had a kind soul.
He was a simple man.
He was my Dad.
~ JC ~

Thursday, January 16, 2014


One time a long ago,
I decided to be me.
Not someone else.
Just the one I am.
Had a grand time.
Jumped and hopped
to the tunes along.
Turned and got lost.
Lots of colors to look at.
Been walking that path
for a while.
Looked up and
saw the clouds.
Where was that sun of mine ?
It's me.
The youth be gone.
Old as the trees.
Never drinking in
the past that was.
Always trying to be
the me that I am.
~ JC ~

Sunday, January 12, 2014


It is the beginning.
A wish for good.
The goodbye to old.
Nasty a bit this last year was.
I found peace in a lot of things.
The small quiet moments.
A laugh at the oddness of my life.
Who would ever think
that it would be like this.
Today, I clean.
Put this and that away.
A list to do.
I think of the new.
What will it be.
The toll last year took on me.
I am still worn out.
I laugh about that too.
I still have hope.
It is what gets me through.
To that and more.
~ JC ~