Wednesday, May 28, 2014


~ ~ ~ 
I have been thinking.
In the Spring, I'm able to be outside more.
The colors of nature have arrived.
I like this time of year.

Even in the confusion of my life,
if I can figure things out,
I have a joy to each day.

One part of my time
is very happy.
Can't complain about any of it.
The other part, is terrible.
I don't like to dwell
on that too much.
Only when it reminds me.

Each day I make a list.
What am I going to try to do.
I make the best of what happens.
Don't we all ?

I've had a lot happen.
Mentally it does get to me.
I'm not close to perfect.
Not at all.

Only I do win the prize,
if there is one, for trying.
I keep on going no matter what.

That's got to count for something.

Just saying ~

~ JC ~

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