Monday, May 5, 2014

Don't Get It

~ ~ ~
Some things in life I just don't like.
Mean people.
Things they say.
If they thought later,
why wouldn't they run back
to tell that person 
they had done wrong
that they had made a mistake.

Like they should have been
taught as a child.
Or, was I the only one
taught to be kind.
To think and rethink
about your life.

I still to this day
and I'm old as can be
do not understand why
this happens.

Eveyone makes mistakes.
Has a lousy moment or life.
To not get it though.
To not realize that you should
always want to do better.
To be kind and polite.

I want to sit them down.
To talk to them.
To make them get it.

Only I don't get to.
So, I will always be bothered
by people and what they do and say.

Maybe that's why I don't do much
with them. 


Only so much harsh words are 
aloud in my life.
I've had my quota.
No more.

~ JC ~

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