Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Don't Look Back

Someone whispered, what was that.
I kept on walking.
Thinking how odd that was.
Again, I hear it.
The crackling of the wind perhaps.
The song of the many birds in the woods.
Not really sure.
I go on with my day.
I hear it in the traffic of the many cars.
Just under the roar of the world.
Only, I still don't know what it is.
In my sleep, I dream of better times.
Youth and walking and being me.
The older lady dreams of what she loved.
The girl is in the woods.
Turns her head.
She hears something.
What is that ?
The older lady tells her it that darn clock.
Time is after you.
Go faster than you wanted.
Don't turn your head next time.
Time, it's always going to be there.
Making you turn.
Just don't look.
Keep walking.
Don't look back.
Tick, tick, tock.
~ JC ~