Monday, December 16, 2013

Too Much

~ ~ ~
It's mid December.
I survived my fifth surgery
in less than two years.
Eighteen months
to be exact.
I am now stone free.
My kidneys are good.
My left is stable for now.
May have to have it out
at no notice
but for now it is fine.
I had both operated on.
Since my kidneys love
to make stones.
The right is not damaged
as of yet.
I'll work on that. Not.
My heart was fine
during surgery.
Which surprised everyone.
Something went right for once.
I am home.
Almost recovered.
The surgery takes a toll
on my old back.
Ice packs have helped
but it still goes out
without notice.
Annoying to say the least.
May the Holiday now begin.
 Mentally I'm worn out
but my spirit is still here.
No more is what I ask.
Give me some time to relax
and enjoy a normal life.
Is that too much to ask for ?
~ JC ~