Sunday, July 10, 2011

Walk With Me

Can't believe that it's almost mid July already.
June was busy for me.
My son graduated from High School.
Took him to his Freshmen orientation at his University.
Now, I've been buying his 'things' for his room.
Just a few items left that he can get himself.
Come August both my kids will be away studying.
First time in almost twenty two years that it will be
just me and the cats and dogs and Mr. Boatman.
Where did the time go ?

I'm at the beach place for a couple of weeks.
Came down last week for the fourth,
Staying a few more weeks with the Purr & Fur Gang.
(The roof is being replaced at home so there was
no point in taking the Gang to and from.)

It's very quiet here.
Just the Gang and me during the week.
Mr. Boatman comes down on weekends.

I'll probably head on back home in late July.
Til then I go on walks on the beach.
(when the tides are out)
I look for small sand dollars and angel wings.
(That's what I call the small scallop shells that are still together.)

When the tide is in, it's like a big lake.
I walk down our small road and over the bridge.
I walk the loop around the Island.

Small boats and cottages with the cozy feel.
I truly enjoy this area.

I wish I could take my dogs with me.
Bella's leg is not allowing her to go on walks anymore.
She needs to be a walk slowly around the yard dog now.
Old age just is mean sometimes.

I might be able to take Maddy Jean by herself,
if I can manage to separate my girls.
They are always together.
And, I mean always.

So, that is my update.
Aren't you glad you know more about me
than you ever thought you'd want.

~ JC ~