Monday, August 6, 2012

Maddy Jean

My dog is having surgery tomorrow.
I took her in for her yearly check up.
Ends up she has six tumors.
We got the call later that day.
One is cancer.
A mean type.
So, tomorrow I drop her off.
I hope everything goes well.
They are taking a lot out of my Dear girl.
I've been told to expect a huge incision.
We are hoping for stage one.
Didn't sound good if it's stage two.
So, stage one it shall be.
Her name is Maddy Jean.
She is nine years old.
She is my love.
She is my heart.

And, it is just one year ago
to this almost day, that I lost
my Sweet Bella to cancer.

So, I will not accept this.
It will not happen again.

Hell no Maddy Jean won't go !!!

~ JC ~

Friday, August 3, 2012

Be Still My Heart

~ ~ ~ ~
Ok, so far August has been interesting to say the least.
Two days ago, I went to my spine pain Doctor.
He talked to me about my options.
Put me on a med for the nerve pain.
We decided to wait for another spine injection
until my next kidney surgery is over next Fall.
He told me he could do it three times total.
The next step is surgery.
Fun talks that I have with these Doctors.

The next day, yesterday, I got into a heart Doctor.
Nice guy. Nice nurse. Every thing was going well.
Until, he listened to my heart.
He sure can move fast.
He flew actually.
I was having an ekg in two minutes.
He said I was having an episode
and he wanted to catch it.

I'm thinking, ok, was I at the Mariner's game.
I've always wanted to catch a ball.
Not really but I'd like to go home with one.

Anyway, he tells me I need a heart monitor.
Of course I do. Why not. It's this Summer's latest.
Isn't it ?

He walks me to his nurses station.
She's on the phone and gets me in right away.
Like now right away.
That never happens in real life.
So, I go over there and read a magazine.
Thinking, is this really happening.

It's kind of odd being taped and wired
and all while looking everywhere but
where this guy is doing things to you.
All the while pretending that he isn't
doing what he's doing.
At these moments,
 it would be so nice
to be a guy.

So, I am wired and plugged in for 48 hours.
Not bad so far except it's just plain odd.

And, that is the latest and wildest.
I'm thinking that August is going to fun.
It's been thrilling so far.

Enjoy your weekend,

~ JC ~