Monday, January 26, 2015

What Is That

The sun has decided to visit.
How that just makes the day.
I live in the woods.
Dark in the Winter.
Wet from the rain.
Green from the trees and moss.
Yes, I said moss.
Down my driveway and into the woods.
I love it here. Most times.
Only when it's yucky wet and dark, nope.
So, today with yellow stuff visiting,
it makes me think,
that Spring might come back.
It is amazing here
in the Spring and Summer.
Most of the early Fall days too.
It's just the green slimy walkways
that make an old lady trip
and the lawn that looks terrible
due to moss and the feet
that sink into it
if you don't look where 
you are walking.
Like I said, the sun is out.
Brings me hope.
I still won't be going out
there though but soon.

Mew At You Later,