Tuesday, June 17, 2014


~ ~ ~
The past came to call.
Memories long past.
Some good.
Some not so much.
I had a decision to make.
Go or stay.
I went.
Very sad.
Hard to see.
I would never have wished this for them.
Too much hurt along the way.
On their side.
Me, I just put up with it.
Until, I did not.
Been years.
Haven't seen or talked to them.
Very odd.
Didn't know if I wanted to go.
Didn't think I'd ever see them again.
Seems that I won't talk to them again.
Thought a lot.
Very odd.
What a shame that their life
ended up this way.
Could have been so different.
Didn't need to be this way.
Very sad.
I did cry when I saw them.
Now, I am just sad for them.
What a waste.
What could have been.

~ JC ~

( my older sister tried to commit suicide.
She is now in a coma.
I haven't talked to her in four years.
I haven't seen her in seven.
We were never friends.
She was just my older sister.
Not friendly.
There are moments though.
Few but there.
What a shame that she ended up this way.
She didn't call me.
She didn't think of me.
That's just like her.
That's all I feel.
So sad that she ended up this way.)

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