Thursday, April 10, 2014


~ ~ ~
I've been thinking a lot.
About everything.
People and how they act.
Why they do what they do.
I am a watcher.
A listener.
A figure it out kind of gal.
I see both sides and in between.
I just want to talk to people.
Ask them to think.
Some are just out there.
Lost in their land of what the heck.
Me, I try to do the best option.
I try to be nice and considerate.
I often say that I am not judgmental.
Maybe I am though.
After watching people.
Listening to them.
I do judge them on the way they act
and on what they say.
Always thinking
over here in my woods.

~ JC ~

1 comment:

clairz said...

I am a watcher, too. At least I would like to think that I am.