Friday, November 18, 2011

On Friday She Writes

There is always that scene where she is looking out the window.
Barely awake, eyes half open.
She sees something out of the corners of her sleep.
Has to wipe the moistness off the windows with her hand.
Cold as can be.
And, there, waiting for her, he sits on the metal bench.
No flowers in his hand.
Nothing for her.
She notices that he is texting on his phone.
Nothing has changed.
Nothing ever will she thinks.
So, as the bus comes to a stop.
She gets her things collected.
Waits her turn to get out of her seat.
Steps slowly off the bus steps.
And, while he is busy texting again,
she fades into the group
and walks away,
leaving him there.
A grin starts to come
she can't help herself.
How long will it take him
to notice that she's gone.
She really doesn't care.
At the street curb
she waits in line for a taxi,
Looking back to see,
if he has noticed,
and of course he has not.
Where to Mame,
the taxi drivers asks her.
Home, she says and gives
him her address.
And, when she gets there
she is all alone.
And, when he calls later,
she does not answer.
A clean break is what she
needs, and a fresh start
to a new Season.

~ JC ~


critterlover said...

I love your writing dear one. You are quite talented.

JC said...

Thank You ...