Friday, April 12, 2013

Wish I Knew

~ ~ ~
What to do now.
That is the question.
Sit and ponder this thing called life.
It's had so many twists and turns.
Did I have a direction ?
Did I get lost along the corridors ?
I like walking by myself.
Taking in the sights.
Learning from my directional turns.
I'm always redoing in my mind.
Quiet. I am.
There was a time when I knew.
I had a plan.
Only it didn't work.
I got lost.
Growing up will do that.
Things did not go my way.
I adjusted to the facts.
I rethought my life.
It would be fine.
It passes.
I look in the mirror.
Who is that ?
Just an older.
A wiser.
Ask any question and she will know.
Only she doesn't.
So, I ask.
Knowing she doesn't know.
She'll tell me to figure it out.
What do I want ?
What do I need ?
I wish I knew.
~ JC ~

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Ramblingon said...

Reflections and introspections. When things are not what we would hope for many of us do tend to reflect and ask and gain no answer many times.

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