Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Can I Say

~ ~ ~
I don't know about this blogging thing.
Been doing it for a few years now.
Started cause an old friend of mine enjoyed it.
With time, I've written a few things
and discussed my life.
In the beginning, I had several followers.
Now, I have a few comments
but basically, no one reads either of my blogs.
How do some people make a living off of this ?
Not that I wanted to but how do they get so many
to read them on a daily basis and leave so many comments ?
I do not get it really.
So, this blogging thing is like a diary to me.
Write about what you want or thought for the day.
On my other blog, I do a Monday special.
This last one, I thought was great.
Good photos.
I get three or four
who comment regularly
but that's it.
Not that I'm complaining,
*I know it may sound like I am*
but why doesn't anyone
like my Monday special
*Meredith Ann*
as much as I do?
So, I will now change it up a bit.
It will totally be for me.
If anyone comments, so be it.
My stupid thoughts of being a fab writer,
who gets discovered and makes a living.
*yes, for one moment .. too much wine probably ..
I thought that I could do as others have done ..
and make a bit of cash o la by writing ..
I don't think that anymore, obviously *
So, this will be practice.
The words that end up here
will be from my soul.
Some will be fiction.
Who can tell ?
And, some will be real.
Again, who can tell ?
Fun times, for sure.
I like Spring.
It brings out the new in me.
~ JC ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

We pretty sure we commented on Meredith Ann's Monday post. Did it not go through? We comment on the majority of your posts, though not every, because sometimes the human has too much going on at work to sneak in much visiting.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Back with a few thoughts on blogging in general....

I do the boys' blog for fun. For quite a long time it hadn't been, so I wasn't doing much, but I'm picking it up again, while doing my best to release myself from the obligation of visiting the 350-ish blogs I follow every time there's a new post. I can't keep up and it was really becoming a terrible burden.

I do my personal blog as an on-line diary, keeping in mind it's public. LOL. As I'm not witty and fun, generally speaking, it's a constant surprise to me that anyone, even a few, would read what I write. My life is SO small. But essentially I do it for myself, and no one else.

I think the most successful bloggers are those who ARE witty and fun, who write humorous and/or satirical posts, or who are so good at their craft (photography or cooking, for example) that they garner a large following.

Around the Cat Blogosphere, the most popular blogs are those that have a lot of *good* photos, clever captions, and sometimes give-aways. Or those that focus on rescue of cats in distress, cats on death row, etc.

There are several published authors promoting their cat (and sometimes other) books, those with Etsy stores, etc. Some allow advertising on their site. For some this is work. Enjoyable, but work nonetheless, not an occasional hobby.

And I think you have to spend a lot of time visiting other blogs too, every day, to garner the following, at least in the beginning.

So it would seem to take a lot of time and energy to be a successful blogger, and I think most of us (at least in the CB) just do it for fun, when and as we can.

JC said...

So true. The photos and give aways and daily postings.

I fixed the post to say, my three to four regulars, which you are for sure.

It's a thought thing for me. I am going to just blog what I'm thinking or writing at the time and not have it be cat or whatever .. gardening etc.

When I picked the name, Lilacs and Cats, I thought of what I liked. At first, I got over a 100 followers and was kind into that .. getting more.

Now, I'm just into writing what I want. My Mondays with Meredith Ann though, why not, she's so pretty and well spoken for a torie .. don't you think.

JC said...

And, I didn't check spelling .. Tortie ...

Brian said...

Howdy! I always like to check in on you to see how you are doing!

Rose H (UK) said...

I know I don't always comment, and occasionally I miss a post but I do usually read... but I enjoy Meredith Anns's posts :o)
(Yours too of course!)
Rose H

Cascadian Nomads said...

Before I began blogging (which hasn't been long) I read some great advice: write for one person. This advice was because it is possible only one person will read the post and you have to be okay with that. It was also, and I think more importantly, because your post may only touch or move one person. And the way I see it, that one person may even be too touched or moved to comment! Before I considered blogging I was often that one silent person. I didn't know how much the comments meant to the author.