Thursday, January 31, 2013

Numb But Still Dancing

                             ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My mind is a bit blank.
No big thoughts going.
Just the numb reality.
I can't think too much.
Have to live in the now.

Went to my fancy specialist.
I am on the schedule.
Will be having a fix me up surgery.
Using a robotic machine.

Til then, I hope to keep numb.
Don't want to think about what will be.
It won't be fun.
I won't feel like dancing.
Not even a song in my numbness.

After all this, many weeks away,
I hope to be OK.
This fancy Dr. thinks he can fix my kidney.
What a mess I will be after though.

Here's to survival.
What a road I have to take to get there.

For now, I'll pretend I'm fine.
Course the pills he gave me, help.

Don't ever waste that moment
to dance to the music.

Who cares what others think.
It's that moment that will get you
through the nasty hours of our existence.

Just saying ...

~ JC and several members of the Purr and Fur Gang ~

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