Friday, January 18, 2013

Thoughts On A Cold Winter Morning

~ ~ ~
In life there are times when the world tells you what to do.
You wish you could go a different way but it can't be.
I walk slowly down this path.
Not wanting to look either way.
It's like a very dark tunnel
where you see a bit of light at the end.
Only it's so dark with turns that
you don't even consider that last step.
You know that the light will be better.
That the walk will be worth it.
Only this time, it is an unknown.
Not one that I've done before.
I will walk and get there.
It's just an unknown world to me.
I really can't see the past or how long this will last.
I just am.
In this darkness traveling.
It's my new world.
I just wish there were a few windows
so I could see the colors around me.
I like to hear them.
The birds and nature and I will hope for these
to visit me from time to time.
The new jouney that I'm on.
~ JC ~

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