Monday, January 21, 2013

Foggy Peace

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The cold has finally let up a bit.
It's been foggy though.
Deep and chilling.
The sun came out for a while.
Was really nice to see.
Still cold though.
Can only be out for a while.
With the fog, comes a ban on fires.
Thus, the heater vent is very popular with my cats.
The new heated floors are too.

I've found peace this week.
Which was so needed.
I feel so much better with it.
It's what I need.
It's what I have to have.

I can do nothing about the wildness
that is my life except to always
seek the peace in what surrounds me.

Like I've said before,
I will no longer allow those around
me who have issues or baggage
that I once put up with and now
I do not and will not.

Change it's a good thing.
At least this kind is.

~ JC ~

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