Wednesday, June 27, 2012


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It's the end of June.
How did that happen ?
No, really .. how ?
I have been so busy with this stupid sick old body of mine.
Add in the bad terrible lousy weather and well, there you go.
Literally ... there you go.
April, May and June .. they went.
It's almost July.
I plan on being there.
On enjoying each day.
It better not rain.
Nope, I've had it with that.

Yesterday, I had my third surgery in three months.
This one was an in office procedure like one.
A mini surgery so to speak.

I'm clear .. got the a ok.
At least for three months.
Then, back I go.
Another surgery .. big one .. needed.
Something about kidney failure.
All sorts of yucky stuff was mentioned.
I was just thinking .. of course.
Blah, blah .. blah.

Oh, and don't forget the heart thing.
It went crazy weird during the big surgery.
It goes way too fast or too  high which ever it is.
Needs to be looked into before my next big surgery.
I thought .. right, I'll get on that like never.

So, today while the sun is out,
I will pretend that instead of what was said,
what really was said was,
You are good to go.
Nothing wrong with you.
Enjoy your Summer.
So, I will.

~ JC ~

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