Monday, April 2, 2012

Bubbles In The Sun

Spring has finally arrived in my part of the woods.
The sun is out. The rain is gone.
The green moss is everywhere but that's normal.
I am surrounded by the birds singing.
At night, beyond my fence and in the woods,
the frogs are singing all night long.
This happens every year.
Won't last too long but for now,
it's very nice to hear.

We had a lot of snow last month.
Everyone is saying what a warm Winter it was.
Not for me. It was very cold and snowy.
In the last two weeks, we got snow five times.
Crazy I tell you. Just nuts.

So today, while the sun got lost, I will enjoy it.
Still too cold to go out back but so nice to see.

My cat, Riley, is watching bird tv.
He does know how to enjoy a bubble bath in the sun.
I think he dreams of it during those colder months.

Anyway, Spring has arrived.
And, today is a good day here in the woods.

~ JC ~

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