Thursday, April 5, 2012


Spring arrived and left me with a cold.
I've been thinking of
 Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
Nasty little suckers.

Taking everything I can think of.
Just when I think I've won,
nope, the sore throat comes back.
The voice is going today.
That's ok.
I didn't have too much to say.

The back went out yesterday morning.
And, I mean really really out.
Been using everything I can think for that too.
Ice packs and pain sprays.

It's a double special this week.

Why ?

I leaned over to refill my Siamese's water dish.
Yes, that's a hard one to do.
Should have had a DANGER notice on it.
Been dealing with sharp pain all day.

So, Nasty Little Suckers
just seemed like the right thing
to explain what ails me lately.

I still like Spring though.
In case you all were wondering.
I'd just like to walk and bend over.
That's not too much to ask for,
is it.

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