Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Give Me Strength

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I don't know what to say except I've been busy.
Doing my list of this and that.
Several appointments.
Tests and things to get ready for next week.
Dealing with stupid insurance companies.
Who changes the ID number on a card
a month after the first card was issued ?
My insurance company.
No letter.
Had to call them.
They said they didn't know anything about it.
Called me later in the day and told me to use the new number.
I then had to call all sorts of places.
I will probably get billed for those that use the wrong one.
Just part of dealing with all of this.

One more appointment this week.
Then, time off for good behavior, I guess.
My surgery is late in the week.
Day before is prep day,
so, I'm home that then too.

I go tomorrow for a last check in
with the surgeon who is fabulous
but not personable .. you know how that goes.

Have to have my what to wake up to list.

And, emotionally, I'm doing fine.
Was a mini wreck for a while.
It's the little things.
Might be like that again.
For now though, I'm fine.
Maybe cause I'm in pretend mode.

At the testing area for surgery,
where I was today,
there were so many who checked in,
(I got there a bit early and was waiting)
heart troubles, other troubles,
things I wouldn't want to have.
Oh, what am I saying,
I do have heart trouble.
Just not the kind the two people
were describing test wise to the lady.

So, I hope to have some dignity
when I wake up and find what I do.
When I come home, and reality bites me.

Oh, please please give me the strength
to make it through this.

That's all I'm asking ...

Til next time,

~ JC ~


Catsngrams said...

I will put you in my prayers. Sorry you have to go through all this. I think if our bodies give out we should be given a free card for health insurance at least make it easier for us. God bless you and may you come through this with flying colors.

Mumsys Kitty Korner said...

Just keep hanging in there the time is drawing nearer and it will soon be behind you. Sorry you have to deal with insurance and all the other things to get ready for the surgery. Just remember there are those of us who are thinking of you and sending up prayers for you. You are going to do just fine. Hugs