Wednesday, July 11, 2012


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I'm tired.
Worn out actually.
My leg pain has got the best of me.
As it continues on,
my ability to pretend has disappeared.
It's not new now.
Just a pain that will not go away.
It's real.
It's every single moment.
Very breath.

I don't sleep well.
Always in some sort of pain.
When I do,
I wake with the hope.
I move and there it goes.

I will start calling next week.
Til then, I will hope that
the next bag of ice
cures my back and
my leg pain will be gone.

One can hope.
I still have a bit of that left.

I don't do much.
I'm just trying to make it.
I'm sure some of you with pain
know what I mean.

I'm just tired.

~ JC ~

1 comment:

Faith Shen said...

Happy tired Wednesday, I hope you can take your rest day. :D

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