Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cold but Springlike

~ ~ ~
It's a cold but sort of nice Tuesday.
The sun is trying to warm up the ice that's left from the snow.
Yes, we got snow. What a Winter we are having.
Anyway, the sun has melted most of it.
The dogs water dish is a slushy mix though.
Reminders of what was and is suppose to arrive soon.
Snow on Thursday. Say it isn't so.
I like it on trees. So pretty but driving in it. Yikes !!!
The one day I actually have appointments
and down the big hill too.
Puppy class is on Thursdays.
Not that I'm thrilled to go.
She and I aren't doing well with our homework.
I'm too old to be doing tricks.
I need a stunt double.
She's not interesting in the treats I got
so no down or come for her.

I am feeling just a tiny bit better.
Still have other appointments to make
to find out what's what and all that.
For today though, I have sort of hope.
That this struggle that I'm in is fine for today.

Mentally, I am having some thoughts.
Going over this and that and the other.
To go back, I think I'd pick the other path.
It would be hard but maybe I'd be happier.
Who knows though.
Crystal ball would have been nice to have.

And, that's my Cold but Springlike update.

~ JC ~

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