Monday, October 5, 2009

Lilly Ann

As the days went by
I thought of you less
Never forgetting
Sometimes dreaming
How you were
The days we spent
The looks you gave
I'd give anything to
Have you back
Although I know
That you are gone
I will keep you
In my heart
Always there
Like you were
From the start
I am yours
And you are mine


robert said...


Tea Time and Roses said...

Simply beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.



WNV Mountains said...

Lovely tribute to Lily Ann...

JC said...

Lilly Ann has been gone for two years. I couldn't go in my front yard til the Summer. Too many memories. She would be sitting under a rhody and come out to say MEOW to me. She was semi feral and not easy to catch. I'd talk her into coming in the house. We'd have long discussion about it with her mewing away at me. She always came in but wanted out in the morning. One day after six years she did not come home. My other four haven't been outside since that day.