Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thinking Out Loud

~ ~ ~
I still do not understand the anger within some people.
Life is hard. It hurts. Why take it out on others ?
Some situations are not easy to care for.
I think things through.
Always trying to be kind.
It just who I am.
Only I do have a point where I want to explain.
Give my life advice on how to handle things.
The why are they doing and acting the way they are.
Only some people just are mean.
Must have been their childhood.
Only I didn't have the best either.
At some point you have to grow up.
You must be responsible for your actions and words.
I am.
Some aren't.
I have a neighbor who took something very simply
and turned it into a huge deal.
Being so rude and I was still trying to be nice.
Only now I would love to write her a note
telling her to be nice to others.
I do believe she was a bully in school.
No other explanation fits.
She was and will always be one of those people.
I simply asked who's cat was coming into my yard
and if they could please put a collar
with a bell on it as it was killing
the birds in my yard.
Yep, terrible of me wasn't it.
All hell broke out and she wrote me
terrible paragraphs.
One of those people where you
think do I need to worry.
So, I finally sent all of these notes she'd sent to
the homeowners association board website
so all could see what she'd been saying.
Silence from her.
Was she drinking at the time.
Who knows but like I said,
everyone has something going on in their lives
and you need to put that on the shelf
and deal with each item 
on it's own.
In a polite adult manner.
Some people never will.
Just saying ...

Never dull over here in my woods.

I now have a bird sound deterrent thingy
coming in the mail.
Supposed to make the cat go away.

Oh, and this person lets her cat out
when she knows we have coyotes.
That's the reason she won't put a bell
on her cat. It might attack them.
Seriously, indoor only like mine are.
This is what I'm dealing with.
And, it just went on from there.
Her new name, to me, is crazy lady who lives across the street.

~ JC ~

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