Tuesday, September 17, 2013

At Some Point

~ ~ ~
There are things that happen
and you just can't do anything about them.
You think and decide to let it be.
Talking about it would make it worse.
Not accomplish or fix anything.
At some point, I gave up.
Did all I could but still it was my fault.
I am worn out.
I care but I can't give anymore.
I wish the best.
May the world be good.
Only I can't be there.
May the stories I told be enough.
The battles be fair.
The angles be known.
I cannot do or be anymore.
I'm tired.
I wish things had been different
but personalities and wills were not.
I can't be blamed for everything.
I can walk away now.
Sad that it is this way.
At some point the blame must
be seen for what it really is.
~ JC ~

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