Friday, May 31, 2013

Thoughts On A Cloudy Friday

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Life is just crazy.
Up and down.
Could I just get the medium for a while.
Just asking nicely here.

Been in a battle for over a year now.
When I think back, which I have been doing,
I have been kicking at it for a long long time.
It just became a massive battle within this last year.
I didn't even know I was fighting.
If I had, maybe I could have won.

Today, I am exhausted .. mentally and physically.
This body of mine just won't give me a break.
Just when I feel good, I wake to this.

I will, like I always have, keep going on.
Only I had told myself, this is it.
No more surgeries.
I'm done if this doesn't work.
And, it seems, that it may not have.

I will hopefully have a few days to relax.
Meds and pain pills with, of course.
I might just lose what's left of me this time.
How much can one take I ask.
I guess I will find out.

So, there you go.
On this sort of nice cloudy day.
How I wish.
Oh I do wish.

Just saying ...

~ JC ~

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