Friday, May 10, 2013

Old Bricks

~ ~ ~
Thinking that she should have bought a smaller size, she pulled at her new pants. Up they went as she walked. The old bricks made the path a bit bumpy for her. She looked around a bit noticing the old style of the houses. Some had been made into small businesses. A lawyer, a chiropractor and even a spa. Next to her was a bar with an odd name. She mentally tried saying it but lost her concentration when one of the bricks made her look down so she wouldn't fall. At the end of the street, was the destination. A small but very popular eatery. Another place that had been fixed up and made into a neighborhood restaurant. Looked nicer than she'd thought it would. As she waited for her table, she went outside to read the menu that was on the wall. A breeze blew at her and she thought she should have brought her jacket.  Was it too far to walk back to the car ? With that thought, she went back inside and was told by the rest of her party that they were next. No coat needed  after all.
~ JC ~
(a woman walks to a neighborhood restaurant
 with friends on an old brick sidewalk while thinking of other things.)

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