Thursday, March 21, 2013

So There

~ ~ ~ ~
Been a while, I know.
First, I survived my nasty kidney surgery.
Took more of a toll on me than I had thought it would.
Course, I didn't think about it, really.
When they tell you, you'll die or you have to have this surgery,
you kind of go with surgery.
I knew the basics.
Robotics and lots of possible outcomes.
I got the best one.
They fixed it.
At least, they think they did.
The recovery, well, that's been hard.
Me, being old, and the nasty robotics thing.
Well, it's taken longer to feel like me,
than I thought it would.
On week four and just now being able to do a few things.
Like, be down stairs and look at the woods.
On the puter, doing this and that.
Tired but better than last week.
Better than yesterday.
So, I think things are going swell.
Have one more mini surgery next month.
Then, we will see.
Did this fancy reconstruct everything work.
If it didn't, than I'll have another surgery.
This time, to take it out.
All of this, was to save it.
Not to improve it's ability.
Just to save it.
Hopefully, it won't be causing me anymore trouble.
By trouble I mean, causing me to go into failure.
I had been told that I could go into renal failure
at anytime. Thus, this surgery was sort of an er thing.
Get it done as soon as possible were the words.
So, I am hopefully.
Scarred but hopeful.
No bikinis for me. lol
And, now let's talk about my roots.
You could drive down the center.
Only I can't get out to get them fixed
for another three weeks.
Oh who cares, I lived.
Damn the other stuff.
It's not important.
I lived.
So there.
~ JC ~

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