Monday, March 12, 2012


~ * ~ * ~

There has been a great deal of sadness lately around me.
People I know are having hard times.
All things that you can't do anything about.
Life at it's hardest.
Times that you have to go through.
You hope you make it to the other side.
Whatever that other side brings.
Nothing I can do but offer words of advise.
Not that they will take it or listen but it's the only thing I can do.
Others are just going through a difficult time.
Life throws those at you more times than one would like.
I hope each day for all of these people.
There is a lot of them lately.
Not that my wishes will help them but again that's all I can do.
To wish for the peace and goodness to shine on each of them.
For them to make the right decisions for their paths.
To be brave in the unknown.
To not give up when you think you can't go on.
Life is just plain lousy at times.
Being an adult is hard.
Being a child can be too.
I just wish for all of them.
And, that is what I will continue to do.

~ JC ~

Sunday, March 4, 2012

In A Good Place

~ * ~
I'm in a pretty good place.
I saw a movie about those old High School days.
I laughed a bit too much.
I wish we were all that sage at that age.
Unbelievable, that some were.
I was sort of.
I watched from my bench at lunch.
Those that were super popular and those who tried so much.
I was one of those who didn't give a dam.
Was so over that a year or two before.
Not to say that I wasn't one of those want to be's at one time.
A lot of my so called friends became cheerleaders or class officers.
Some of them even were dating the stars
 of the basket or football teams.
Me, I just decided not to be one of those follow along girls.
Nope, I walked my own road and still do.
Not to say I didn't do a bit of it .. again .. in college.
Joined a sorority ..
mostly cause my sort of religious Mom ..
told me I HAD too.
I did enjoy the ability to
 always have someone to go to a party with.
Didn't enjoy those ex cheerleaders
and popular girls being in my life.
They seem to want to tell people like me ..
who don't think they are fabulous .. off.
As if that's going to make me think more of them.
I have always seen people for who they are.
Just people.
So, as I watched that show ...
 while sipping my coffee ..
 and letting the dogs in and out ..
which they just love to make me do ...
I thought that even though I am not purrfect in the least ...
that I'm in an ok place and probably always have been.

I just wish I'd known that back in those earlier days.
Back when I was the side kick of
 those up and coming popular gals.
And believe me, I was ..
in ninth grade my sort of best friend became cheerleader.
The next year she pretended she didn't know who I was.
Then, my sort of best friend ..
 and by then I already knew how fragile that term was ..
well she started to date those athletes ..
so again I was supposed to follow and I didn't.
I even went to one of those big parties my Senior year ..
 another sort of friend just had to go.
I watched and laughed.
They just were not all that even if they thought they were.
And, again one of those cheerleaders tried
to tell me off in her own way.
As if I was going to go woo ahhh at her.
Nope, instead I told her off.
You should have seen her face.

And, as you can guess,
 no I did not go to any of the reunions.
I was too busy enjoying my life.
I should have gone though for the laughs.

And, that as I say, are my thoughts on this spitty rain Sunday.

By the way, my third cup of coffee
is really good and not crunchy.
(you'd have to read my other blog to know what I mean)

~ JC ~