Tuesday, December 4, 2012


~ ~ ~
Been a while since I wrote.
Lots going on.
When isn't there actually.
Life sure has a plan for me.
Not always the one I want though.
There is an unknown trail that I follow.
Being lead by the this and that in my life.
I try. Oh, do I ever try.
Dealing with lots of health issues.
And, I mean lots.
If it were just one, even that would be a lot.
Nope, I get the three for one special.
Heart, Back and Kidney.
Let's have them all go out on me at the same time.
At this point, everything can be fixed.
At least, that is my hope at the moment.
Course, what do I know.
I have been trying to survive this old body of mine
for over seven years now.
Damaged goods would be the term for me.
I enjoy my life.
If I'm not in a lot of pain, it's been a good day.
Only it reminds me of my battle.
It says, borrowed time you silly old lady.
Don't forget that I am after you.
I will get you.
You like those hospital halls.
You thought I'd let you get away.
What a silly old lady.
And, still I fight.
Cause I am the one who got away.
I survived sepsis and woke up from a coma.
I relearned to walk and learned most of the words I lost along the way.
I stay at home so that my damaged mind is settled.
I write lists.
I try oh so hard.
To someone else, I look like an old lady.
Only I have the secret to surviving.
Be mad at hell that this has happened.
And, drink and be merry.
Will my survival skills work for me this time.
I really do not know.
As of now, I'm looking at two maybe three surgeries.
Will I wake up from them.
And, the pain that will come with them.
Oh, won't that be fun.
So, for today I write.
I say to the world
Hell No I Won't Go.
~ JC ~


Maggie M said...

Just keep hanging on. Praying the surgeries go well and you recover quickly afterward. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers...wish I could do more to take away the pain and suffering. Hugs!!

Cat said...

I think you are amazing! Keep on keeping on :-)