Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking Forward

I looked at my cat calender today
and it's almost the end of January.
YEAH !!!
Seems like it's been a bad month.
Cold as can be.
I've been sort of sick with this and then that.
Still, I don't feel like myself.
Whatever that is but I know it's not this.
I have a better attitude though.
I will forge through and feel better soon.
I at least hope I will.
So, today I make a list.
Things I need to do.
Get done, clean up, throw away.
That kind of list.
In my world, I don't have big dreams.
Just small ones.
Like keeping my pain level below a five.
Just a hum so to speak.
I think I live with a lot that most people
wouldn't be able to survive with.
Nope, not me.
I can do most anything.
I have that hope that I will be ok .. again.
I don't think I'll ever lose that.
I've been to hell and back.
I still remember it but try not too.
So, today I look forward to February.
Whatever it brings.
It better be warmer and I better feel better.
I have that list after all.
Oh, and that new puppy.

And, those are my thoughts
as January comes to an end
and this Old Lady Who Lives In The Woods
takes a look at what is.

~ JC ~


Naturegirl said...

Oh dear JC you in pain? I sure know how life is living with chronic pain.I struggle every day trying to get on with it with a pain level closer to ten and more some days in my feet. Not hiking the mountains as much this yr. Life is a journey and I try to enjoy the journey because you know what the alternative is.
Feel better.hugs xo

Becky's Barnyard said...

I never really liked January; too long. This year for some reason wasn't that bad. I understand the pain level also. I guess that is my age.