Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Thoughts On Six Years

~ ~ ~
Today was a remarkable one.
It was the six year mark.
I was put in a coma
so that I would have a
chance of surviving.
I wouldn't have made it
if they hadn't done that.

I had the flu.
It went into sepsis.
Only I didn't know it.
I thought because I didn't have
a fever anymore, that I was better.
Nope, my body had totally shut down.

I remember some things.
Others I think were in my fog.

I do recall being asked to stay.
I said no, I had things to do.
I woke up almost two weeks later.

I couldn't move.
I was in intensive care for a while.

Then to the surgical ward.
Then off to the rehab ward.

Later, when I could walk a bit
and use my hands, I went home.
Had in home therapy for a bit.

I remember sitting.
Nothing much going on.
The computer was my friend.
I would look at things.
Find words that I didn't know.
Which was a lot.

It's been a struggle.
Mentally I'm almost ok.
And, by almost I mean that
I can make it through the day.
I don't get as many headaches.
I'm not as weak on my side as I was.
I don't fall as much.
I don't have flashbacks as much.
Things are easier.

From the outside, no would know.
I look down when I walk
cause falling isn't as much fun
as one would think.

I survived.
I came home.
I have become the new me.
The old one died that night.
And, I now go for year seven.

Just thought I'd write out my thoughts.
It's not easy to relearn to walk.
It brings you peace.
The simply things do.
I don't like mean people anymore.
Not that I ever did but I just can't tolerate them.

If everyone could be in my shoes.
Just for a bit.
They would be kinder, I think.

So, there you go.
Here's to six years.
Let's make seven even better.

~ JC ~

My thoughts on my sixth anniversary
from going into a coma due to sepsis.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lights Are Shining

The lights are shining.
The tree welcomes me into the room.
I sit with my coffee,
it's almost a week
til the celebrations begin.

I enjoy the colors
the smells
the singing of old songs.

Not the shopping
in mass crowds

The wonder that was
my younger holiday
is what I try to
regain during
these colder days.

So I wish to all of you
a Merry Holiday Season.
Be it sitting by the fire
or under the tree batting
at the decorations.

~ JC ~

I wrote about the
Holiday Season