Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Thoughts On Six Years

~ ~ ~
Today was a remarkable one.
It was the six year mark.
I was put in a coma
so that I would have a
chance of surviving.
I wouldn't have made it
if they hadn't done that.

I had the flu.
It went into sepsis.
Only I didn't know it.
I thought because I didn't have
a fever anymore, that I was better.
Nope, my body had totally shut down.

I remember some things.
Others I think were in my fog.

I do recall being asked to stay.
I said no, I had things to do.
I woke up almost two weeks later.

I couldn't move.
I was in intensive care for a while.

Then to the surgical ward.
Then off to the rehab ward.

Later, when I could walk a bit
and use my hands, I went home.
Had in home therapy for a bit.

I remember sitting.
Nothing much going on.
The computer was my friend.
I would look at things.
Find words that I didn't know.
Which was a lot.

It's been a struggle.
Mentally I'm almost ok.
And, by almost I mean that
I can make it through the day.
I don't get as many headaches.
I'm not as weak on my side as I was.
I don't fall as much.
I don't have flashbacks as much.
Things are easier.

From the outside, no would know.
I look down when I walk
cause falling isn't as much fun
as one would think.

I survived.
I came home.
I have become the new me.
The old one died that night.
And, I now go for year seven.

Just thought I'd write out my thoughts.
It's not easy to relearn to walk.
It brings you peace.
The simply things do.
I don't like mean people anymore.
Not that I ever did but I just can't tolerate them.

If everyone could be in my shoes.
Just for a bit.
They would be kinder, I think.

So, there you go.
Here's to six years.
Let's make seven even better.

~ JC ~

My thoughts on my sixth anniversary
from going into a coma due to sepsis.


Webster said...

Congratulations for how far you've come in six years. And, yes, year seven will be even better with all of your purrballs around you and a new puppy to train.

Karen said...

Another year of healing to celebrate!

Remington said...

Fantastic! And another year with lots of fun times with your new baby!