Monday, March 23, 2015


~ ~ ~
It's been a while.
I know.
Keeps me busy.
I mean to get here.
Just haven't until today.

Lots of things going on.
People doing bad things.
Getting away with it.
Me, trying to warn others.
No one listened.
They thought I was being odd.
Nope, just telling the truth.
That's why no one tells others.
No one believes.
So, the person who did it,
gets away with it.
What can I say.
Just annoyed at people.
It's the reason I stay
kind of away
in my woods.

(I live in a homeowners association neighborhood.
The current board members are sort of 
like a group of dictators.
I volunteered last year.
Was treated terribly.
Decided I didn't want to put up with it.
This year, I wrote the neighborhood
a note telling them what happened.
No one believed me.
They got away with it.
That's why people don't tell
anyone what happens.)

What I learned ..
Never volunteer (at least not in my neighborhood)
Always believe in yourself
There really are bad people 
(I already knew that but still when you actually meet
one .. I'm still shocked)
I now will watch as they continue to do
what they want and see if any of the
goofs who live here
do anything about it.
I'm only one person
and without others listening
nothing will be done.
At least I tried.
Can walk away knowing that.

Confirms why I'm kind of loner
I watch from the woods

And, that is my talk to myself.

~ JC ~

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