Monday, May 16, 2011

Nothing but the truth

I wanted to write something witty.
Not happening.
I'll just tell the truth.
Which is what I usually do
and that is what has gotten me
in trouble most of my life.
That and my face.
I'm always told that my face
says something different and
shows emotions to others
that I don't really mean.
What am I to do ?
Be stone.
Anyway, on this rainy morning
I thought I'd say that
my life has been a turn and twist.
I'd just like things to go smooth.
Not happening.
I've survived a lot physically and emotionally.
I'm old.
I'm worn out.
I just want to take a long nap
like my cats do.
I will continue on.
I always do.
I will figure out what's best for me.
I usually do that too.
I just hope my face doesn't give me away.
Darn it all ...
if a gal can't hide behind her own
what can she do.
Drink perhaps ...
And these are my thoughts on another rainy morning.
~ JC ~

1 comment:

California Girl said...

Well, you're honest. Hard to put on paper but harder still to read. I know just how you feel. Glass of wine anyone?