Monday, March 28, 2011

Birds Sang To Me

This is a sunset in Sedona, Arizona.
The cold breeze was biting at me while I waited.
I think it was worth it though.
I went on a warm adventure.
Looking at cactus and hills.
Birds sang to me in the morning.
Red ones which I don't get where I live.

Now, I am back to the moist coolness of my world.
I really enjoyed my adventure.

~ JC ~


Webster said...

You look marvelous. Nice job with your shopping choices. Once you get home you can pack them away for another month or two, though.

BumbleVee said...

We don't get red ones either....and I sure wish we did! they are amazing! I have only seen one blue one too....darn it... ours are a bit blah in comparison. Except robins of course.... and they go south for half the year.....