Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Sky

I took this shot at our vacation place.
Cold as can be outside.
Maybe it's the cold
that makes these skies.
I had to venture out
onto the icy deck
and take a few

The Holidays are over.
The clean up is almost done.
Just minor things left to do.

Life has already thrown
us a few
oh my god

These things we cannot
do anything about.
We have to ride
the waves
to the end.

Til then I will
try to find
the simply
joys in life.

Sometimes it's hard
but even if it is
there's always
grand sky
to remind me
no matter
going to be

Happy New Year

~ JC ~


Becky's Barnyard said...

Gorgeous! Well worth the step outside.

JC said...

Thanks ... this place gets the best sunsets / sunrises.

pebbledash said...

Beautiful photograph!

Wishing you and your clan a happy new year!

critterlover said...

So beautiful there.

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California Girl said...

This is beautiful. Where is your vacation place?