Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Feeling

December has arrived and I'm late like usual.
Only days til Christmas and I have tons to do.
Just little stocking shopping but still the busy malls
and finding parking are more than I wish.
Where is the Holiday Spirit ?
I just would like 'it' to be easier.
Ya know what I mean.

This is the new Holiday ornament.
I got it last January on sale.
Was 50 % off.
I almost forgot about it.
Looks a bit like a Russian egg to me.
With all of it's detail work.

We got the tree up last weekend.
It is now shining at me
in the wee hours of this day.
I enjoy the twinkle of the lights
the most about Holidays.

With it being dark so much
in the late Fall & now Winter,
the brightness of lights
and the joy of the
Holiday Spirit
are what I enjoy
the most.

So, here's to you.
May you enjoy
this Holiday.

I plan on opening
my Holiday cards
on the Eve
(yes, I save them up)
and listening to
music while
I have a cat or dog
near me.

It's not the gifts that make me happy
it's the Season, the feeling,
the not craziness,
the cookies,
the not mess in the kitchen,
the bows on the gifts,
(there could be nothing in the box)

I think you get what I'm saying

Ho Ho Ho
Merry New Year

~ JC ~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Clouds

These clouds were hanging around during the T Day weekend.
I always seem to take photos aiming this direction.
We get the coolest colors over those hills.

Holidays are an interesting thing to me.
I came from a small family.
Thus I do not enjoy huge gatherings.
Never have and never will.
I'm usually the one in the back watching
the drama unfold.

I enjoy the quiet of this time.
Taking in the things that mean the most to me.
Nature and peace.

~ JC ~