Monday, September 20, 2010

Clouds on Monday

I like to take photos of clouds while I travel.
These were exceptionally cool.
Swirls and twirls.
Nifty bon swifty.

My world always seems to be twirling
or swifting depending on the day.
I keep trying like the trees
to stay grounded as best I can.

Some days are not easy.
Some are hard as rock.
Lately, it's been in the middle.
One good day.
One really band one.
The next is bliss.

Just like the claps of thunder
my world gets turned over
and under and moist
all at the same time.

And, as I usually do
I shake myself off
and pick up the pieces.

So, when I see those
glorious clouds
I mark them in my

~ JC ~


Naturegirl said...

Stay in the moment JC! The night has deep dark hours but then the dawn pushes it's way through! I know this to be so true!
I cannot believe that I have been away from blogging for so long! Now I'm back and realize how I missed everybody!hugs Anna

Anonymous said...

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