Friday, September 18, 2009

Perplexed ...

So here goes ...
I am over weight. Have been for several years.
Last year I lost twenty lbs. Felt so good about myself.
Around July of last year, it slowly started to come back.
Not that I did anything ... really. I just started to eat .. again.
I eat whole wheat pasta, whole wheat rice, whole wheat bread.
Fake all organic chips. Meat. Fish. Basically, organic foods.

Now, in my struggle to figure out .. what the h double l's .. is going on.
I have given up all pasta. I don't even know what chips look like.
I don't even stop by their row to admire from a far.
Chocolate ... what's that. I bought one slice of cake to share on my birthday.
We even did that for another family birthday.

I've eaten so many veggies .. I think that broccoli is the new four letter word.

I've looked on line. Maybe I have thyroid problems.
 Only everything says that most things don't work.

It seems that anything I put in my mouth .. lowfat fat or not ... makes me gain weight.

Do I exercise ? No, I do not.
Why ? After my coma, my right side is weak.
It sometimes likes to go a different direction than the rest of my old body.

I hope that this stops. The weight gain. I feel like a cherry ... plumb as can be.

I am in a good mood about all this. What else can I do ?
To gain weight when you're eating nothing fun is insane.

Go to a Dr ? No Way ... won't go to them anymore.
Dr's and I do not agree .. so, it's just me and figuring out what to do.

Just wanted to get it all out there ...
Been one of those frustrating months ...
Even diet dinners make me gain weight ...

I'm down to water ...

Not that I feel sorry for myself ...
I'm just perplexed to the max ...


Webster said...

That sounds like the story of my life. Feelin' your pain.

Barb and Steve said...

I started eating a mostly raw diet with no meat or dairy. It really works plus I felt amazing! I know what you mean about doctors...I had a car accident last year & just hate going to the doctor. After seeing them 3 times a week, I need a break!

CatLadyLarew said...

Hey, JC!

I can relate to this. I weigh in at over 200 pounds and have no ambition to do anything about it. I have no ACL or MCL in my left knee, so it makes an active lifestyle difficult. And I'm over 50, so my metabolism has slowed WAY down.

Wish I could retire to the woods... so long as I could get out to see friends every once in a while.